About Jhumki

The voice and keyboard of Professor Sreyashi Jhumki Basu are still. Her luminous career has ended in mid-flight.

To hundreds of disenfranchised students from low-income and minority households, Ms. Jhumki was a fount of  inspiration and compassion, always available with wisdom  and importantly, resources, to help her “kids” along the difficult path to academic achievement.


To her colleagues, Dr. Basu was the brilliant, original, grass-roots researcher driven to removing inequities in the teaching of science in America and access to higher education.

To her friends, Jhumki was a witty and irreverent person, her home always open, filled with camaraderie and authentic cooking from exotic lands.

She ventured alone or took her family on adventures as her love of nature and animals, especially primates, led her to remote regions of distant countries. Jhumki filled the hearts of those who loved her with astonishment and with immense pride as she spread her wings and soared to uncharted skies, battling social injustice, inspiring those she touched, changing lives along the way.

About JBF

After her death in December 2008, there was an outpouring of grief and concern from hundreds of colleagues and  students of Jhumki Basu, that her pioneering achievements in Science Education has been interrupted in full flow. Consequently, the mission of the Jhumki Basu  Foundation is to carry her legacy forward and build on her vision and passion to achieve equity in science education.

The objective of JBF is to discover, nurture and spread  innovative and sustainable programs to carry on Jhumki’s vision of democratizing science education. The Foundation sponsors the STEM-Ed Innovators movement, provides an on-line wikispace for STEM-Ed Fellows to collaborate on innovative science teaching methods and carries out other programs.

JBF raises funds, makes grants, executes projects, manages awards, scholarships, science fairs, competitions and other programs in science education.

JBF works with departments of education of urban school districts and with the federal government on educational policy-making.

JBF is a registered nonprofit corporation with section 501(c)(3) tax-exemption status from the Internal Revenue Service. To consider making a donation please click here.