Jhumki Basu Research Center Inaugurated

Feb 11, 2015

On a wintry day with snowflakes turning to sleet, around 160 students, faculty, teachers, deans, and well-wishers braved the elements to honor and remember Dr. Jhumki Basu amd her work to participate in the ribbon-cutting of the prestigious STEME center at New York University in historic Washington Square Park. The modern, globally-networked, technology-rich environment will serve as classrooms, research laboratory, and collaboration space for STEME educators and public school students. The Center brings to life the vision and passion of Prof Basu, of science and technology literacy for all youth from all walks of life. The inauguration program and setting were poignantly beautiful, filled with stories of our daughter that brought laughs and tears to her colleagues, friends and family. NYU President Sexton along with Dean Mary Brabeck, NYU Polytechnic President Srinivasan, and Jhumki’s parents did the ribbon cutting. The entire floor glowed with science demonstrations by faculty, students, and STEM-Ed Innovators from across the STEME fields.


Dr. Srinivasan later shared his vision of bringing together the sciences, engineering and technology in creating this unique global facility for STEME education in US - which was Jhumki’s dream.